Sleeve Presses




910SAB Shirt Sleeve Press

Flat Heads

New "Dimple" Steam Chamber and Flat Head Design for Efficient Heating

Bucks Designed with Solid Buck Plate and Porous Side-Drying Air Bags

Bucks Raise and Lower Easily for Proper Finishing

Finishes a Wide Range of Shirt Sizes

Foot Activation for Side-Drying Air Bag

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905HSA Cabinet Sleeve Press

Contoured Heads

Special Head and Buck Design for Quality Finishing

Buck Designed with Yoke and Side-Drying Air Bags

Collar Clamp Automatically Opens for Operator Convenience

Shirts are Dressed on Front Buck and Rear Buck from Same Rest Position

Bucks Transfer Simultaneously for Faster Production

Bucks are Designed to Finish from the Smallest to the Largest Size Shirts

Water Spray Standard

77SASL/EASL Air Bag Sleever

Steam and Air Bag Shirt Sleeve Finisher

Steam and Electric Models Available

No Compressed Air Required

Finishes Small to Large Size Sleeves

Two Sleeve Forms with Cuff Clamps

Shoulder Yoke Tensioner to hold Shirt in Position while Finishing

Steam-Heated Air through Porous Air Bags

Operational Cycle - Steam Only, Steam and Air, Air Only or any Combination

Convenient Controls with Adjustable Steam & Air Timer

For use with Bantam or Cabinet Shirt Systems